Your company's data network is critical to your business.

Your company's data is important, whether it is employee files....

With Secure Solutions Mobile Device Management we make...

Secure Solutions cloud computing delivers hosted exchange, email...

We specialize in serving small businesses with customized  IT solutions & services

System downtime can cost you money and your reputation. The right backup can keep you in business.

Review your network structure, performance, management, security and processes.

We offer concierge support services designed to meet your business needs.

VoIP means Voice Over Internet Protocol, or phone service over the Internet.

Our expert team of IT professionals can help you when you need to plan your IT strategy.

Helping you find the right IT Solution.

Our expert team of IT professionals can help you when you you have questions about your IT capabilities or needs.

  • Whether it's figuring out how to use what you have or how to take advantage of new technologies to improve your business, we can help.
  • Need a partner who can help provide strategic planning for IT on an annual basis?

Our virtual CIO service can provide you with ongoing thought leadership on today's ever changing IT world and how to use today's technology to drive better results for your business.

Finger on tablet 72 ppi 300x200 - HomeCyber Security matters more today than ever before.

Your business matters!  And small businesses are not immune from cyber attacks, malware and ransomware. Statistics show that 58% of all cyber-attacks happened to small businesses in 2018.

And, according to UPS Capital,

- Cyber-attacks cost small businesses between $84,000 and $148,000.
- 60% of small businesses go out of business within six months of an attack.
- 90% of small business don’t use any data protection at all for company and customer information.

Protect your investment today with Managed Security Services from Secure Solutions Technology Partners.  Your friendly, knowledgeable, local IT support team.

IT Security Assessment

Network Intrusion Protection

Advanced Email Security

Endpoint Protection

Understand your risks and how to mitigate them!  Call about our Free Cyber Security Assessment today.

Take your network firewall protection to the next level with Capture Advanced Treat Protection.

Email is a major vulnerability in most companies, accounting for 93% of all cyber incidents.

Today's ransomware is more sophisticated than ever and requires new techniques to fight back.

Dark Web Monitoring for Stolen Credentials

Are your company's digital credentials for sale on the Dark Web? We monitor the Dark Web for compromised credentials in real-time and notify you immediately, before they can be used against you.

Employee Training and Awareness

Employees are the "weakest link" in your cyber security.  Because employees are core to any business, they are the main target for cyber criminals.  Make your employees your greatest strength!

Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery

Can you recover from a cyber event or data loss quickly? Extended downtime can kill your business. Strong bare metal data backups with virtualization can get you back up and running in seconds rather than weeks.

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We keep your business running, so you can run your business.  So, stop worrying about your IT, call on the pros from Secure Solutions Technology to give you peace of mind.

Our Partners

"As one of the largest independent healthcare providers in North Carolina, we needed an IT Service partner with the tools and resources to ensure our networks, network security and backup/recovery services were the best available. Secure Solutions Technology delivered industry leading solutions to meet all our needs. Their knowledgeable engineers were able to make the transition easy and efficient. Supporting a network of over 145 workstations and 8 servers and 3 locations, it was important to have IT professionals I could trust to manage our resources. I would definitely recommend the professionals at Secure Solutions to anyone in any industry.”

Ryan Starrett, IT Manager, Rowan Diagnostic Clinic

"As a fourth-generation builder in North Carolina, it was important to have an IT Service partner that could ensure our IT needs and our phones could meet the demands of our day to day business. Communication with our customers and business continuity are extremely important and we never want to disappoint our clients should a disaster strike. Secure Solutions Technology delivered industry leading solutions to meet all our needs. Their engineers made the process easy and are there to assist whenever we need them."

Chris Bradshaw, President, CS Bradshaw Construction

"Change is never easy, but Secure Solutions Technology went out of their way to make sure our transition went as smoothly as possible. Jay and his team are great to work with, and are always there anytime we have a question. Most important for us, was to find a provider we can trust and someone that will be honest and work with us as a partner when it comes to our IT. We found that in Secure Solutions. I would highly recommend the Secure Solutions team to anyone who needs help with their IT.”

Katie Manees, Office Manager, Busby & Webb Orthodontics

"Secure Solutions was great. They talked to us to make sure we understood what we needed and why. They took the time to answer our questions and really treated us like a partner. We could not be happier that we switched."

Lee Ann Vanhoose, Office Manager, Dr. John Webb, DDS, PA

"As a healthcare provider we have an obligation to keep our patient information secure. Secure Solutions worked with us to develop a security plan that would work for our specific needs and keep within our budget. I would recommend Secure Solutions to anyone who has a small business."

Dr. Lorin Oden, Hearing Solutions of North Carolina

“Our internet was slow; our phone system was outdated and our costs were outrageous. We also needed to improve our Wi-Fi to take advantage our new estimating capabilities. Secure Solutions Technology stepped in to help. Jay and his team have been great. From securing a new Internet Provider to upgrading our phones and Wi-Fi network, they have handled everything. More importantly, they have help us understand what we needed and why. We are a family business that treats our customers like family, so we when we look for business partners, we look for that same level of customer commitment. Secure Solutions has become our IT partner because they treat us the same way we treat our customers and they are committed to our business success. I would definitely recommend the Secure Solutions team to anyone who needs help with their IT.”

Jackie Shaw, Vice President, Sudden Impact Collision & Repair
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