Computer and Latte - Are Your Remote Workers Secure?

According to a 2019 Future Workforce Report by Upwork, 73% of businesses will have remote employees by 2028.  These new “flexible” work environments are changing how we think about our day to day business operations. Whether its virtual meetings with conference calling, cloud collaboration solutions or mobile platforms, businesses are rethinking how they work.  This new flexibility means your IT needs to be flexible as well.  So, if you or your employees are working from home, the beach or the local coffee shop, keeping your business secure and your client’s data safe is just as important as it is in the office.

As the work environments shift, the scope of your IT infrastructure expands and the complexities multiply.  One area in particular is network and data security, because cyber criminals see these remote workers as more vulnerable and easy targets.  Let’s face it, most home or public networks are not as secure as your business network and hackers use these public networks as carriers or hosts to help circumvent your business defenses.

This doesn’t mean that you have to have sleepless nights worrying about your business and your client’s information.  There are ways to help keep your business secure. You need a layered approach and technologies like multi-factored authentication, endpoint protection and virtual private networks (VPN’s) can ensure your workers have the security they need no matter where they work.

As you look at your work environment, there are a few things to consider:

  • Secure remote access through a VPN with multi-factor authentication
  • DNS filtering and content filtering to client and cloud endpoints
  • Artificial intelligence-based technologies for endpoint protection both on the network and on remote devices for detection and response to cyber events
  • Advanced zero-day threat prevention and detection on remote devices

As your work environment changes, look to IT professionals that understand the complexities of remote access to help keep your business secure.