Work from Home 650x500px - Working Remotely, Is This the New Normal?

As our country continues to adjust to our new "normal" circumstances, it is important for everyone to think differently about how they go about their daily routines. As more and more workers transition to working from home, there are some key things to keep in mind to make sure your work is secure. Cyber criminals are taking advantage of this rapidly shifting work situation so awareness and due diligence is extremely important.

We have several tips from the National Cyber Security Alliance to help remote workers stay safe online.

  1. Think before you click. As we search for information on COVID-19 use reputable sources for your information, and don't click on links in emails or unfamiliar sites, to get to these sources. Go directly to the source’s website: WHO, CDC, State Health Departments and National Institute of Health.
  2. Lock Down Your Login. Make sure you are using long and unique pass phrases for all your accounts and use multi-factor authentication whenever possible.
  3. Use a Company-Issued Virtual Private Network (VPN) to Access Work Accounts. Keep your home routers software up-to-date, and always access work accounts though your company VPN. Be wary of online software VPN's as these often collect your information and resell it.
  4. Create Separate Secure Wi-Fi Networks for Work and Personal Use. Use company issued devices on their own secure Wi-Fi network.
  5. Keep Devices Secure at Home. Make sure you secure your work devices at home or keep them with you if you are using them outside the home.
  6. Use Your Companies Preferred Tools to Collaborate with Co-Workers. If your company provides preferred tools like online meetings or collaboration software (MS Teams, Office 365, Slack, etc.), use them. Don't substitute your own preferred tools in place of company vetted tools.
  7. Limit Access to Work Devices at Home. Make sure that only the approved user is logging in and using work devices.
  8. Keep Your Software Up to Date. Make sure any devices you use to access work related data have current up-to-date software. Many of these updates include performance and secure updates.