IT Customer Support 2500px - Finding the Right IT Provider for Your Business


There are a Lot of Choices

Are you struggling with your small business IT?  You are not alone.  Today, there are many choices for Small Businesses regarding your IT needs, whether you are looking for complete Managed Services, Cyber Security, or simply an email solution.

Finding the right solution can eliminate headaches and downtime, neither of which you need for your business.  There is no reason to put up with downtime or inferior IT services with today's technology environment.

What to Look for in Your IT Provider

Ask questions of your IT provider. You should understand what services they offer and whether they provide in-house solutions or industry-leading third-party solutions.  If the services they offer are performed in-house, is the IT provider considered an industry leader in providing that service?  If not, it is probably not the right choice for your IT needs.  If they outsource, make sure the services offered are considered best-of-breed solutions.

Keep in mind that in-house solutions have any number of inherent problems.

1)       Uptime - is their data center rated as an enterprise-class 1-4 data center?  These classifications have to do with uptime and redundant capabilities.  Even a level 1 data center has a 99.671% uptime guarantee, a maximum of 28.8 hours of downtime per year.

2)      Product Experts – Do they offer certified professionals for the products they offer?  For example, products like Microsoft Exchange provide a tremendous amount of configuration flexibility, making them very complex to configure and maintain. Having a provider with certified Hosted Exchange engineers on staff to keep your email efficient and up at all times is critical.  Without a knowledgeable team to work on products like this, outages and usage problems can become burdensome to your business.

3)      Experience – How many users do they support?  If your business relies on an IT provider to keep your IT services running, make sure they have the expertise to do the job and do it well.  If your IT provider only has a few customers on their in-house Backup Solution or they are hosting a few hundred mailboxes, it's a pretty good bet they don't have certified professionals on staff to keep it running smoothly and minimize downtime.  Look for a provider that hosts millions of mailboxes and has the professional expertise to keep your system up and running.

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