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I have been in the technology business for over 30 years.  After graduating for the University of North Carolina Charlotte with a Math/Computer Science degree, I started working with I.T. solution providers in various roles; software developer, project manager, relationship manager, sales & marketing.  I have worked for small businesses most of my career so I understand how hard you work every day to keep your business running and successful.  I started Secure Solutions Technology Partners with one goal, provide services that make a difference in the lives of my customers, employees and their families.  We strive to achieve a good work like balance for our employees and customers alike.

You have enough worries about your business that you take home every day.  You also have a lot of options out there to service your I.T. needs.  Secure Solutions can eliminate the worry your have about your I.T. needs and network security.  Most companies depend on technology to keep their business up and running.  Don't leave your technology to chance or assume you are OK.  Our network engineers can assess your current technology and help you understand if there are vulnerabilities or gaps that threaten your business.  "Too many companies today don't understand what they have or don't have.  Or think their I.T. needs are met.  In reality, they just don't realize that much of their business is at risk.  Our job is to educate and inform our customers to make sure they understand what they need and why."  As the IT experts, we take our responsibility for your business serious.

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Winning Isn't Normal...   Dr. Keith Bell

Every race only has one winner. No matter how many people are entered, only one person wins each event.

Winning is unusual. And as such, it requires unusual action.

In order to win, you must do extraordinary things. You can’t just be one of the crowd. The crowd doesn’t win. You have to be willing to standout and act differently.

Your actions need to reflect unusual values and priorities. You have to value success more than others do. You have to want it more. (Now take note! Wanting it more is a decision you make and act upon – not some inherent quality or burning inner drive or inspiration!) And you have to make that value a priority.

You can’t train like everyone else.  You have to train more and train better.

You can’t talk like everyone else.  You can’t think like everyone else.  You can’t be willing to join the crowd, to do what is expected, to act in a socially acceptable manner, to do what is “in”.  You need to be willing to stand out in the crowd and consistently take exceptional action.  If you want to win, you need to accept the risk and perhaps the loneliness… because winning isn’t normal!

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