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Can you recover quickly from a cyber attack or significant data loss?  

Small businesses realize the importance of being productive every minute of every day.  Cyber attacks and data loss can be costly. Are you prepared?

Cyber attacks cost small businesses, not just the ransom demand that costs. Cyber attacks cause:

  • Disruption to your business (40% report 8+ hours of downtime)
  • Lost Revenue
  • Increased IT costs to recover
  • Damage to your business's reputation

Virtualization capabilities drive Business Continuity.  Having the ability to virtualize your local or cloud backup solution into a virtual server or virtual machine, you minimize downtime.  Visualizing a server can take seconds vs. weeks to get you back up and running.

And it's not just cyber attacks that cause data loss.

Did you know that......

  • Over 140,000 hard drives fail each week in the U.S.
  • 60% of all backups are incomplete
  • 50% of backups fail at the time of restore

You leave your business operations to chance if your plans don't include virtualization and disaster recovery.  If you lose a hard drive, you pray that your backup is in the 50% that doesn't fail at restore.  Those odds are not good for your business.

So, are you prepared if disaster strikes?  Adding Business Continuity to your Data Backup & Disaster Recovery plan eliminates downtime.  A solid Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery plan based on robust data backup and recovery solutions can mean the difference between closing your doors for good and continuing business as usual. 

With Secure Solution's business continuity & disaster recovery solutions, we ensure your business is always up and running.  We work closely with you to identify your critical needs across the organization and develop a complete plan to ensure you are back up and running quickly without significant delays or critical data loss.  Get peace of mind knowing that your business is protected when disaster strikes.

Contact the pros at Secure Solutions Technology Partners today at 704.754.8484 or email us at to learn how to protect your investment.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Built for your business

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Co-located, Geo-redundant, Tier 3 SSAE 16 audited data centers with redundant data sets, RAID6 mirrored backup, clustered server farms for load-balancing, scalability and fail-over

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SLA's for availability (99.982%), response time, service restoration.

Meets AICPA SSAE16/SAS 70 and ISAE 3402 criteria for system availability and security.

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100% compliant with all security rules specified in technical, administrative and physical safeguards of HIPAA.

SOC2 & HIPAA compliant with rotating encryption keys.

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