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Whether you are a Doctor or a Dentist, your practice continues to become more and more complex every day.  In today’s evolving world of healthcare & dental technologies and compliance, you must have an IT provider who can deliver the highest level of security for your patient information, improve patient experience and meet the demands of compliance and government regulation.

Patient information is critical to your practice, and yet the HIPAA & HITECH Act makes managing patient information difficult and complex, not to mention risky.  Doctors, Dentists, administrators, medical personnel, and others have access to the information. Hence, it is important to ensure that patient information is handled consistently with HIPAA regulations and government mandates.

At Secure Solutions Technology, we use our experience to develop solutions for your Network Management & Security, Backup & Disaster Recovery, and Data Security needs that meet and exceed today’s regulations.  We work with your current software providers to help support your day-to-day operations so you can focus on your practice and your patients.

Today’s world is constantly bombarded with new threats, phishing schemes, malware, ransomware, and fraud.  In a 2017 survey of nearly 500 IT professionals from small businesses, Netwrix Corporation found that 66% feel the biggest risk to network security comes from human error.  That is why we feel a critical part of any network security plan needs to be continuous training for your staff so they can identify potential risks and eliminate unwanted intrusions and risks.

At Secure Solutions Technology, we also take on the task of performing and maintaining your annual HIPAA IT Security Assessment.  It's a big task, but it is critical to your organization, and protecting your ePHI data is our #1 goal.  Additional services we provide to healthcare organizations include:

  • Network Assessment & Design
  • Network Security
  • Cloud Computing
  • Concierge Managed IT Services
  • Secure Mobile Technology
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • VoIP Phone Solutions
  • Help Desk & Support
  • Onsite Training & Webinars
  • HIPAA IT Security Assessments
  • Business Associate Agreements
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To learn how Secure Solutions Technology can help your practice, contact us today at 704.754.8484 or email us at

email - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Hosted Exchange

Provide business-grade, fully mobile email, calendar, and contacts to your staff, so workers stay connected and productive.

Email Security - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Email Security

Tools that help you eliminate spam and viruses before they reach your users’ inboxes. Includes advanced spam and virus protection, company-wide white and black lists, and 24/7 threat monitoring.


email encryption - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Email Encryption

Protect against data leaks by automatically encrypting emails containing financial or customer information. Enforce compliance based on policies and rules that you define.



email archiving - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Email Archiving

Archiving your email automatically and securely with encryption. Maintained records for auditing, compliance, and internal governance purposes.



Compliance Checkmark - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

HIPAA Compliant solutions for phone, email, and network security.

- Secure Solutions Technology Hosted Exchange Email with encryption provides HIPAA-compliant rule-based email encryption to ensure compliance without overburdening your clients with excessive encryption.

- Geographically distributed data centers architected to assure availability during any service disruption.

Security Lock - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Dedicated Security Team with certified security experts.

- A dedicated, full-time security staff certified in information security

- Covers all security aspects, including log and event monitoring, incident response, managing intrusion prevention systems (both host and network), perimeter defense, service and architecture testing, and source code reviews.


Admin Gears - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Admin tools to streamline IT management and security.

- Centralized control over users and services and granular configuration.

- Admins can quickly provision, de-provision, and configure security controls and delegate setup and management to non-specialized staff.

- Single sign-on technology with all Secure Solutions Technology applications safeguards sensitive financial and customer data and web-based applications.


Reliability - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Reliability and support you can count on.

- With Secure Solutions Technology’s 99.999% up-time guarantee, you can access your cloud services when needed, staying connected and productive.

- Receive 24/7 phone support any time you need expert help.



MDM - Dental Technologies & Healthcare

Mobile device management and security.

- Purposefully built to protect data wherever it is accessed.

- Our email system includes mobile security controls and policy enforcement for the admin, including remote wipes for employees with mobile devices.


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