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Today's business world is complicated and regardless of your profession, keeping up with paperwork, client files, data, and regulatory requirements is difficult.  Add that to today's complex IT issues and cyber security threats, and it's almost impossible to keep up.  As an IT professional, I would never try to do my accounting or taxes or sort out legal issues without seeking professional help. So, why risk your firm by doing your own IT if you are not an IT expert?

New viruses, malware, and data breaches threaten data security and client confidentiality daily.  And most small professional offices don't have or want an internal IT department to deal with the threats.  And no one solution fits every firm.  Having the right IT partner who works to understand your business needs and unique requirements is important.  Just as important is a partner that will be there when you need them.  The bottom line is service.  Your practice depends on it, and you should expect it.  Secure Solutions Technology was built on a commitment to service.  We care for your business as much as you do and won't let you down.

Professional firms are obligated to their client's confidentiality, and it is commonly accepted that this obligation also applies to client information in computer and information systems.  With cyber threats growing daily, you need the right solutions and an IT provider committed to your firm to keep your data protected and your client's information confidential.

Protecting your firm takes a multi-layered approach, from network firewalls with industry-leading security gateways and AI-based endpoint protection against ransomware, malware, and other cyber attacks, to email security, encryption, and archiving.  Protection against cyber threats requires a team of knowledgeable professionals and top-of-the-line tools.

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But don't forget that any strong cyber security plan includes business-class data backup and business continuity solutions with disaster recovery planning.  

Don't risk your business's success!  Call on the experts at Secure Solutions Technology to help ensure your firm is protected, and your client information is kept confidential, backed up, and secure.

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email - Professional ServicesHosted Exchange

Provide business-grade, fully mobile email, calendar, and contacts to your staff, so workers stay connected and productive.

Email Security - Professional ServicesEmail Security

Tools that help you eliminate spam and viruses before they reach your users’ inboxes. Includes advanced spam and virus protection, company-wide white and black lists, and 24/7 threat monitoring.


email encryption - Professional ServicesEmail Encryption

Protect against data leaks by automatically encrypting emails containing financial or customer information. Enforce compliance based on policies and rules that you define.


email archiving - Professional ServicesEmail Archiving

Archiving your email automatically and securely with encryption. Maintain records for auditing, compliance, and internal governance purposes.


Compliance Checkmark - Professional ServicesAnnual SOC 2 Type II audit attests to our gold standard for security and capabilities that help address FINRA, SEC, PCI, and SOX requirements.

- Secure Solutions Technology Hosted Exchange Email with Archiving provides secure, tamper-proof storage that supports SEC-mandated record retention.

- Geographically distributed data centers to assure availability during a service disruption.

- Redundant data storage in geographically distributed data centers meets all conditions outlined in SEC Compliance Rule 17a-4.



Security Lock - Professional ServicesDedicated Security Team with certified security experts.

- A dedicated, full-time security staff certified in information security

- Covers all security aspects, including log and event monitoring, incident response, managing intrusion prevention systems (both host and network), perimeter defense, service, and architecture testing, and source code reviews.


Admin Gears - Professional ServicesAdmin tools to streamline IT management and security.

- Centralized control over users and services and granular configurations

- Admins can quickly provision, de-provision, and configure security controls and delegate setup and management to non-specialized staff.

- Single sign-on technology with all Secure Solutions Technology applications safeguards sensitive financial and customer data and web-based applications.



Compliance Checkmark - Professional ServicesReliability and support you can count on.

- With Secure Solutions Technology’s 99.999% uptime guarantee, you can access your cloud services when needed, staying connected and productive.

- Receive 24/7 phone support any time you need expert help.



MDM - Professional ServicesMobile device management and security.

- Purposefully built to protect data wherever it is accessed.

- Our email system includes mobile security controls and policy enforcement for the admin, including remote wipes for employees with mobile devices.



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