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In today’s market place, failed technology can mean failed business.  And no place reflects this more than Real Estate.  Real Estate companies rarely have IT capabilities in house, but absolutely depend on technology to drive their day to day business.

  • Websites are the first stop of most real estate shoppers today.  Having reliable 24/7 access to your website is essential.
  • Document storage and retrieval is critical.  Whether its local storage on your network or cloud storage solutions, having access to documents in a secure manner is a must.
  • Today’s millennial and Gen Yer's don’t talk on the phone but they do rely on their phone to do just about everything. And the National Association of Realtors in its 2017 report found that millennial's and Gen Yer's make up the largest group (34%) of home buyers over the past 4 years.  Outside of this group just about everyone expects to communicate via email.  As information is shared, having a reliable email solution with built in encryption and security measure ensures that you are sharing your client's data only with your client and not with the rest of the world.
  • Mobile technology is so prevalent today that without it your agents can’t really be productive. Having access to everything they need on the go is an absolute necessity.  A mobile technology management process means your agents stay productive and secure no matter where they interact their business.
  • Security for your network, email, mobile devices and client data is imperative in today’s environment.
    • Over 60% of all cyber-attacks hit small business
    • The average cyber-attack costs a business between $84,000 - $148,000
    • 43% of small business that experience a major business data loss never re-open
    • 93% are out of business within 5 years
  • Data backup and recoverySold Home For Sale Real Estate Sign in Front of New House 72 ppi 300x199 - Real Estate
    • A significant data loss can mean:
      • Emails
      • Client Records
      • Financial Records
      • Employee Private Information
      • Company Records
      • Legal Records/Contracts
    • The reality is that most real estate businesses cannot afford or manage extensive in-house IT needs and are not prepared to recover quickly in the event of disaster or data loss.

With Secure Solutions managed services for real estate we make sure your business is always up and running.  We work closely with you to ensure your critical needs across the organization are identified and we develop a complete plan to make sure business is secure and protected.

Get peace of mind knowing that your business is safe and your technology can meet the demands of today’s market.

Contact us today at  704.754.8484 to learn how to protect your investment, or email us at

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