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Network Design Services | Secure Solutions Technology Partners

As your business grows, your IT infrastructure, network, systems and security need to grow with you.  Let Secure Solutions Technology Partners design and plan your network to meet the growing needs of your business.  We'll work with you to ensure any solution recommendation is customized to your specific needs.  Our process includes:

  • Written recommendations for security policies
  • Assessment of Current State
    • A full onsite assessment of your current network infrastructure
      • i.e. servers, routers, wireless access points, switching, cabling and printers
    • In depth business assessment to understand your current & future needs, including business applications
    • Assessment of your currenet Internet Providers capabilities & costs

Network Diagram 300x198 - Network Design Services

  • Detailed network design plan
    • Detailed Current State Assessment Report (CSA)
    • Recommend ISP and management implementation/upgrades
    • Recommended Network Architecture & Hardware Requirements
      • Single or multiple locations
      • Including Mobile connectivity
    • Network Security recommendations
      • Anti-virus, intrusion protection and email security
      • Mobile Management & Security
    • Optimizing current systems for efficiency & compliance
    • Cloud recommendations & implementations
  • Network installation & configuration
    • Server setup & configuration
    • Active Directory User management
    • Configure file & print sharing
    • Router & Wireless Access Point setup and configuration
    • Firewalls, intrusion detection, endpoint protection against today's cyber threats, ransomware, malware & viruses
    • Wireless network setup & configuration
    • Remote access setup & management
    • Client configuration
    • Encrypted Email and MS office implementation (client or cloud)
    • Password management
    • Mobile
  • Onsite Training for employees

Technology is too important to your business to leave to chance.  Take the first step to a more secure and efficient network.

Contact the experts at Secure Solutions Technology Partners today at 704.754.8484, for your free assessment, or email us at [email protected]

pixel - Network Design Services
pixel - Network Design Services
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