Auto Repair and Collision Center

“Our internet was slow; our phone system was outdated and our costs were outrageous.  We also needed to improve our Wi-Fi to take advantage our new estimating capabilities. Secure Solutions Technology stepped in to help.  Jay and his team have been great.  From securing a new Internet Provider to upgrading our phones and Wi-Fi network, they have handled everything. More importantly, they have help us understand what we needed and why.  We are a family business that treats our customers like family, so we when we look for business partners, we look for that same level of customer commitment.  Secure Solutions has become our IT partner because they treat us the same way we treat our customers and they are committed to our business success.  I would definitely recommend the Secure Solutions team to anyone who needs help with their IT.”, Jackie, Vice President

This is an independent repair shop that’s been a preferred service destination for 25 years. They treat you like family and your vehicle like it was their own.  When it came to IT, they needed help and they turned to Secure Solutions.

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Internet Connectivity

Businesses today relay on a quality internet connection to operate efficiently.  We work closely with a variety of Internet Service Providers to upgrade our client’s services to ensure the best internet connect available.  But quality internet doesn’t just stop there.  Providing reliable Wi-Fi connectivity across the entire organization ensures they can operate how, where and when they need, to deliver quality service to their customers.  From wireless mesh networks, installing network drops, router setup and configuration to network security.  We can handle your networking needs.

Security Gateways

The first line of defense for any organization starts at the gateway to their network.  Providing a firewall solution with a state-of-the-art security gateway is the 1st step in securing any organization.

Endpoint Protection

Today’s cyber-attacks are more sophisticated than ever.  Having the right endpoint protection can make all the difference.  Using today’s top endpoint protection with Artificial Intelligence, ensures our customers are protected from today’s emerging cyber threats.  Our solution monitors core operating system processes for malicious activity and tracks suspect processes, creating the industry’s best protection against today’s ransomware attacks.

Help Desk Support

Under our managed service agreement, we provide full help desk support to Sudden Impact’s team.  Available anytime, our team is a phone call away for any IT related issues or questions. And we proactively monitor all hardware to catch issues before they happen.

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