No matter the type of healthcare, IT security and HIPAA compliance are critical.  Finding an IT partner that is committed to assisting their practice through the numerous IT challenges was very important.  At Secure Solutions we are there to partner with our clients to make sure the solutions we provide not only solve their problem but fit their organization.  We developed a complete IT plan that protects the practice and patients, while providing the work environment they need to meet their mission of delivering services with compassion and clarity.

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Secure Email Solutions

In today's healthcare market, patient information is extremely sensitive and HIPAA requires that we take every step we can to help protect that information.  Ensuring that inbound and outbound email are secure and encrypted is a critical part of that protection. But encryption can be very invasive. Clients don't want to always go through a bunch of hoops just to read an email. Secure Solutions Technology provides a rule-based encryption solution that ensures patient information is protected by only encrypting emails that contain sensitive information.  Having HIPAA compliant encryption rules makes sure that we only encrypt email when absolutely necessary.  Eliminating unnecessary encryption and eliminating frustration for clients.

Cost Effective VoIP Phone Solutions

VoIP (Voice over IP) phones costs less than equivalent service from traditional sources. Much of the cost savings come from the use a single network (i.e. the internet) to carry voice and data.  Today's VoIP systems are extremely flexible and offer features that most traditional systems don't.  Most important for our business is having a company that stands behind their product.  Secure Solutions has been there from the beginning supporting our phone and email solutions.  They are only a phone call away and have been very responsive to our needs.

HIPAA Protection of ePHI

Patient health information is critical to any medical practice.  Ensuring that electronic patient health information is handled in a manner consistent with HIPPA & HITECH regulations and government mandates is imperative.

It's not a matter of if you are audited by the HHS Office of Civil Rights, its a matter of when.  Beginning in 2016 HHS OCR began random audits of healthcare practices.  If audited or reported, HIPAA violations can run upwards of $100,000.

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