Family Dental Practice

"Secure Solutions was great.  They talked to us to make sure we understood what we needed and why.  They took the time to answer our questions and really treated us like a partner.  We could not be happier that we switched." Lee Ann, Office Manager.

As a single provider, dental practice it is critical that computers work, network servers stay up and running and the practice management software is accessible every day.  That meant calling on the experts at Secure Solutions Technology to provide the services needed to keep their business running and protected.  "With Secure Solutions, the transition has been easy.  They answered our questions and provided a complete recommendation for improving our IT situation.  They also worked around our schedule to minimize any impact to the practice."  Lee Ann.

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In today's healthcare market, patient information is extremely sensitive and HIPAA requires that we take every step we can to help protect that information.  Ensuring that inbound and outbound email are secure and encrypted is a critical part of that protection. But encryption can be very invasive. Clients don't want to always go through a bunch of hoops just to read an email. Secure Solutions Technology provides a rule-based encryption solution that ensures patient information is protected by only encrypting emails that contain sensitive information.  Having HIPAA compliant encryption rules makes sure that we only encrypt email when absolutely necessary.  Eliminating unnecessary encryption and eliminating frustration for clients.

Hardware Replacement & Remote Monitoring

From network servers to workstations to network appliances, Secure Solutions was able to deliver top quality hardware and installation services to ensure that the practice was running smooth and efficient.  We use industry leading solutions from names like Dell, SonicWall, and Ubiquiti to deliver the highest quality product and service. We work with you to understand your business and your needs, so that we can develop a comprehensive solution that meets your needs and your budget.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Our job is to make sure your business is in business and running as expected no matter what.  Providing a comprehensive backup solution that provides data protection is critical.  Providing a backup solution that also delivers virtualization for business continuity is priceless.  No business can afford to be down for 2 weeks or more while their server is rebuilt and reinstalled in the event of a failure or data loss.  Providing a virtual server to keep your business running with little or no downtime delivers peace of mind and financial protection for small businesses.

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