"As one of the largest independent healthcare providers in North Carolina, we needed an IT Service partner with the tools and resources to ensure our networks, network security and backup/recovery services were the best available.  Secure Solutions Technology delivered industry leading solutions to meet all our needs.  Their knowledgeable engineers were able to make the transition easy and efficient."  Ryan, IT Manager.

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By enabling remote asset and endpoint resource management, auto notification for pending issues, and remote remediation, Secure Solutions can proactively manage your IT hardware assets and systems, giving you peace of mind.

Let Secure Solutions manage your IT Endpoint Remote Monitoring and stop worrying.  Focus on what you do best, your business, and your customers.

"Secure Solutions Technology uses industry-leading AI-based endpoint security tools that help to ensure we don't have to worry about any cyber-attacks.  These new tools completely lock down our environment and safeguard against malware and ransomware attacks." Ryan, IT Manager.

“With over 120 users and 10+ servers, data backup was critical to our organization.  Secure Solutions Technology offered an enterprise-level solution at a price point for a small business.” Ryan, IT Manager.

A data backup solution that prevents downtime by allowing the onsite or cloud backups to be virtualized into a functioning server in a minute means that your business stays up and running no matter what failure or disaster strikes.  With built-in ransomware protection, the backups are secure even if your servers are locked down.  “Having an enterprise-class backup that includes annual disaster recovery drills gives us peace of mind.  We know our backups are working and functional, and we don’t have to wait for a disaster to find out. I would definitely recommend Secure Solutions Technology’s services to any business in any industry.” Ryan, IT Manager.

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