One of the region's leading contract manufacturing companies needed help meeting Homeland Security IT Compliance standards.  Due to the nature of their business, Homeland Security required that their IT standard meet certain compliance guidelines.  They called on Secure Solutions Technology to assist. Compliance and cybersecurity are key pillars of all Secure Solutions Technology standards for all customer solutions. After performing a complete analysis of their existing network infrastructure, software, and user management systems, we implemented new user management practices, updated server capabilities, password policies, Wi-Fi policies, and onboarding/offboarding policies for employees. We also worked closely with our clients throughout the compliance process, which they easily passed.  This was critical given the nature of their business and existing contracts.

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Compliance is a critical component for many industries.  Whether it is HIPAA compliance for healthcare, Sarbanes-Oxley for financial and legal practices, PCI compliance for credit card processing, or specialized compliance like Homeland Security, businesses must meet the standards for their industry. Secure Solutions Technology can help deliver the technology required to meet your industry standards.  We work with PCI compliance and HIPAA compliance regularly.


Cybersecurity has many dimensions and crosses a multitude of technologies.  When we work with clients on cybersecurity, we utilize a layered approach that includes intrusion prevention, email security, data backup, policy management, employee training, and more.  Each company's needs may vary depending on how they use technology, where their business systems reside, i.e., cloud vs. local install, and how their employees interact with their systems.

An essential layer of any cybersecurity plan is data backup.  For clients that utilize an onsite line of business application, having a BCDR solution is critical.

BCDR  means Business Continuity Disaster Recovery.  In other words, having a data backup solution that prevents downtime by allowing the onsite or cloud backups to be virtualized into a functioning server in a minute means that your business stays up and running no matter what failure or disaster strikes.

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