When a local non-profit Art Center needed to improve its IT and better manage its IT budget, it turned to Secure Solutions Technology Partners for help.  "We worked closely with their team to develop a plan to meet their needs and budget concerns.  Working with Non-Profits offers its challenges, but we love being able to give back to our community whenever we can. The services non-profits provide to the community are important, so providing quality solutions that fit within their budget is important to us." Jay Stevens, President, Secure Solutions Technology.

This organization provides a stunning visual experience and offers art classes and learning experiences in all art forms to our entire community. It is an exciting place where ideas, issues, and communities converge to expand traditional ways of thinking and explore the complex and unfolding patterns between artistic and cultural spheres.  As a unique blend of education, inspiration, creativity, and fun, we are glad to give back to the community by providing low-cost, quality IT services to such an outstanding community organization.

They strive to be a leader and innovator in the exhibition of art and museum education.  Creative and expressive artwork from established and emerging regional and local artists are featured in exhibitions throughout the year.

This is truly one of our most important cultural assets and destination; a vibrant, collaborative space for lifelong learning and economic development engine for our community.

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IT Managed Services for Non-Profits

We designed a layered approach to cyber security and a comprehensive backup plan to protect critical business data from loss.  But it didn't stop there.  To ensure business continuity, we deployed monitoring services for their hardware and backup monitoring and disaster recovery plans to ensure their backups would provide the protection needed.

IT services like these are just as important for Non-Profits as they are for For-Profit companies, but the challenge is to provide a comprehensive package that works within the budget constraints of a Non-Profit.

Hardware Replacement & Cloud Computing Services

We worked closely with Non-profit technology provider Tech Soup for hardware and cloud computing services to deliver cost-effective solutions.  Tech Soup is a technology provider for Non-profits that helps bring together leading brands to design and implement technology solutions for Non-Profit organizations.

We developed a hardware & software replacement plan to bring Waterworks up to today’s technology standards and then implemented the plan to minimize downtime for the organization.

Data Backup & Business Continuity

Keeping their IT up and running was a priority, so providing a comprehensive backup solution that provides data protection was critical.  Providing a backup solution that delivers virtualization for business continuity was a key part of the overall strategy.  No business can afford to be down for 2 weeks or more while its server is rebuilt and reinstalled in case of a failure or data loss.

Providing a virtual server to keep the museum running with little or no downtime ensures the community can continue to enjoy its art and services daily.

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